What are we doing here?!

As a photographer I have always been in direct contact with my clients and there has been some kind of personal relationship through the photograph. I hope this is not lost by creating an online gallery. If you are open to it, I would like to know more about what your intentions are with this photograph in your life…because I believe it is not just a piece of decoration for your house or office.  It is something that makes you stop and wonder, a reminder of somewhere you’ve been, or it simply “speaks to you”.  You also have a connection to this image that is somehow a part of me, an instant of my life, and I would like to take part in this journey.

I work with various equipment—in film and digital—and as you can see, without a fixed line or theme in my images.  I find this to be a luxury in photography because in everyday life we are asked to fit in—to be and do what is expected.  But art and photography gives us a chance to do what we feel like—to reflect moods, beliefs, angers and fears.  Bright images, dark images, lively or sad. 

When I work with film I shoot mostly 4x5 with my Ebony—a wooden camera handmade in Japan that I’ve had over 20 years and still love. I sometimes use a 6x6 Hasselblad 503 camera which has also long been an integral part of my photographic journey. At the same time I love the Phase One digital equipment—namely the IQ4 on Alpa cameras.  It’s the perfect setup for achieving high resolution for big images.  

Simply put, I love photography and everything about it!  I created this gallery space so that these images start to travel and hopefully enrich your life as much as they have mine.  Thanks for taking part in the journey.